Your Partnership Provides the Following Benefits:

  • Engagement  – Ministry presentations and service opportunities
  • Impact  – Ministry vetting and strategic consulting projects
  • Outreach  – Invite others to kingdom engagement
  • Social and Community – Partnership social activities and events
  • Kingdom Networking – Develop relationships and collaborate with Kingdom minded Believers who desire to make a difference
  • Spiritual Growth and Encouragement – Opportunities to grow spiritually and be encouraged in your Christian walk
  • Spousal Partnership – free attendance at the quarterly meetings for you and your spouse
  • Master's Program Participation Discount – participants in The Master's Program receive a discount
  • Charter Partnership Opportunity – an opportunity of heritage with a one time charter partnership payment which includes partnership through April 2020

Partnership Donation Options

If your donation is a different amount than listed below, please contact us.

Need to contact us or have any questions? Please be in touch with Alan Carlton at 530 409 1595 or

$165.00 per month

Partner Information

(Membership includes both spouses)

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