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We are kingdom-minded Christians who have come come together to connect with and be inspired by other Christian leaders, to leverage our marketplace/Kingdom skills, and to employ the totality of our personal stewardship (time, talent, treasure, and touch) to help ministries achieve their maximum kingdom impact.  

Join us as a PARTNER in the ongoing work of The Los Angeles Barnabas Group:

     Our ongoing work is made possible by key individuals who believe that investing in the ministry
     of Barnabas Los Angeles is a great way to see exponential returns on their "Kingdom
     portfolio" investments.  We call each other "PARTNERS" in this important work.  As Partners, like
     any season ticket holder, we each have 4 reserved seats available at any of our gatherings for
     ourselves, our spouse and/or any of our invited guests.

     Typical Barnabas PARTNERS invest between $1,500-$5,000 per year in order to make this
     ministry and Kingdom leverage context possible.  

     Be a recognized PARTNER by making a commitment below. Welcome to the team!

     *Prefer to send a paper check the old fashioned way to avoid all those transaction fees? You
     can send the check directly to our bookkeeper at:

     The Barnabas Group Los Angeles
     c/o Craig Bryson
     Barnabas Los Angeles
     PO Box 2100
     Orange, CA 92859


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