Active Membership in The Barnabas Group Chicago involves the following basic commitments/benefits and Barnabas Group Chicago members are asked to engage in these areas that follow:

  • Regular attendance at the quarterly meetings of The Barnabas Group when possible!
  • Participation in ministry strategic MAP meetings and special monthly briefings.
  • Promote The Barnabas Group to other marketplace leaders.
  • Recommend ministries for consideration of a quarterly presentation.
  • Annual contribution of $1,500

Membership Payment Options


Note:  If you signed up for monthly, quarterly or annual credit card deduction(s), we will continue on year to year unless you tell us you want to change methods of payment.

$1,500.00 per year

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(Membership covers both spouses)

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Terms of Use

I understand that if I signed up for monthly, quarterly or one annual credit card deduction(s), payments will continue on, year to year unless I communicate to The Barnabas Group that I want to cancel or change methods of payment.